Saturday, October 15, 2016

Retro Computer

retro computer in UE4
   Continuing efforts on the Vlaskin Office, I made a retro computer for the tellers behind the counter. I currently have the screen as a separate texture with some animated emissive masks tiling over it to give it the appearance of worn, used tech. Once I figure out how to render out a gif, I'll have a quick showing of it in motion.

   As for references, I borrowed heavily from the Apple II and Apple Lisa computers. Those type of designs on the computer case with shapes that flow from computer to keyboard really hit home for me.

   Project wise, I'm starting to organize the assets through Trello. This way I can lay out all the assets that need to be made as to keep an eye on the bigger picture (something I occasionally struggle with). This is my first time using Trello on a personal project, so I'm testing out a few ways as how to organize my project. It is currently a private project board, but if people express interest at looking into my workflow, I'll consider opening it up.

   The next asset that I'll be working on is wooden paneling around the outer walls of the office. These will get a taste of Zbrush so I can brush up on that software. Looking forward to sharing the next update!

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