Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Substance Designer - Street Bricks

While working on my street vignette, I've been spending time in Substance Designer to create some of the tiling textures that I need. I recently felt proud enough of my tiling street bricks to showcase it here. In my scene, these will be surrounding a tree that is growing out of the sidewalk. They are meant to look older and worn by the constant foot traffic.

Recently on twitter, I was asked how I created the damaged, soft edges of the bricks. They almost look as good as a sculpt, but the entire brick texture was created in Substance Designer only. The trick here is to use the Slope Blur Grayscale.

After generating the base heightmap for the brick tiles, I feed that into the Slope Blur Grayscale. I also bring in a Perlin Noise Zoom to create those gentle, fading edge dents into the bricks. Unfortunately as it stands, this will not give the desired look. I take a blend node and add in an altered Clouds 2 mask over the bricks. This erases about half of the damaged brick edges and roughens up the edges that are left over. Finally, I use the last blend node to bring in some noise just for the remaining damaged edges. All of this creates the look that I achieved in the bricks.

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