Friday, January 9, 2015

City Street - Beginnings

Began working on a scene that will be a small city street vignette. I'm taking what I have learned in Substance Designer and finally bringing it into UE4. Some of the assets I'm missing include a building wall as the background, tree with brick base, grates, street, and sign.

The concrete was my first try at building a tileable texture in Substance Designer. I'm not happy with it now that I see it in the game, but it was easy to build a clean, dirty, and wet version for vertex painting. I'm going to go in and adjust the grout lines and cracks to make it appear more natural. Also I need to decrease the harshness of the lines. The second version should be much improved :)

In the end, I want this scene to be a culmination of what I have been learning about PBR and realistic rendering. Hoping to improve that aspect of my art before I venture off into more stylistic approaches.

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