Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fisherman's Light Texture WIP

I've taken a bit of time to learn more about PBR texturing and how to create substances/graphs/materials/masks in Substance Designer. After several stumbles, I am finally on the right track!

SD is a powerful tool. Creating these base textures saves a lot of time, and I'm adding to my "library" of graphs that I can then use on any other model. I'm enjoying the node-based workflow, especially when I needed to go back to rebake the normal map. Instead of having to convert and apply my changes to every texture in a material (diffuse, roughness, and metal), Substance keeps a non-destructive workflow that propagates that normal map change to every texture. It saved me time and energy.

The biggest hurdle I've encountered with SD (or any procedural texture generator), is to make sure that masks are meaningful to the model. Don't be overwhelmed with trying to added every detail or layers of a material at once. Work layer by layer, mask by mask. My lamp is looking pretty good, but I still have two more copper masks to go (a weather/wear mask and a verdigris mask).

So far, the only big annoyance with SD is that the viewport does not support opacity. It's not a huge issue since I've been previewing my model in Toolbag2. Also the glass textures that I'll be starting soon will not have a lot of complicated textures associated with them, so the lack of opacity shouldn't hurt me that much.

Looking forward to finishing the texture soon!

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