Monday, October 21, 2013

*Update* Sci-Fi Living Quarters

Things are starting to come together! I have most of the foreground props finished. I still want to go back in and spend some time on the glass shader, but I'll probably do that near the end of the project. It was also fun going through 3DMotive's foliage tutorial for UDK and learn how to create leaves/branches. My biggest mistake was that I was not importing the plant's normals, but have UDK calculate them. That produced some funky results, but glad I solved the issue by doing a proper reimport. I may choose an environment next that will push me more when it comes to vegetation.

The next assets to tackle are the bed, industrial components, mid-ground wall and floor. Hopefully the next update won't be too far off! :D


  1. I like the lighting Josh. Can you fluff the pillow please ?

  2. Some of the objects (bed and tanks against the wall) are still placeholder. Currently working on the high poly versions of those :) Pillow will have more fluff by the end!