Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sci-fi Living Quarters

So after taking a month off to work on the Polycount VG Remix contest, I followed that with freelance for another month. Finally everything is wrapped up so I can get back to the sci-fi living quarters I started. I'm working from a concept by James Chung.

Here is my current state of progress:

I have finished the block out and a lighting pass. I have most of the environment objects done with major props left (seats, bed, large canisters, and plants). After seeing the finished assets in the scene, I realize that I could remake them better. Once I start nearing the end, I may remake some of the weaker elements. I also need to rework the glass shader since I am not really happy with it. All in all it is coming together though, and I plan on finishing it as soon as possible.

Even with a two month break, I am learning a great deal about assembling the environment. Especially in how the elements come together to produce the scene. An example is lighting. This is my first foray with a scene where lighting was such a big focus. I'm actually taking a lot of the new knowledge about baking lightmaps and setting up lights with me to work (with Unity and Skyshop). Another area I have really improved is how I handle shaders. My skill level with shaders may be basic, but I am fairly pleased with my metal shader... at the moment. Being able to see the elements come together has helped me focus on the general feel/mood of the scene and not get bogged down in details.

I will keep updating my blog as I finish groups of props and placing them in the scene.

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