Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome to Silent Hill

Polycount teamed together with Sketchfab recently to create a contest called VGRemix. It's taking a game and reproducing it with low poly specifications. Many people applied a spin to their entry by recreating their favorite game in another style. Though I was busy with my own personal project and some freelance work, I decided to enter the contest. I chose the Silent Hill franchise and included elements from the first three games.

While I had to crunch the last weekend to finish and cut a few things I wanted to add, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out in the time frame. My general idea with the final composition is based on the structure of the games. Silent Hill varies between tense, chaotic action juxtaposed with eery, atmospheric exploration. I wanted to create half of my diorama with James Sunderland narrowly missing an attack by Pyramid Head. In the other room, Heather Mason is looking for a way out when she hears the commotion in the next room.

James and Pyramid Head are located in Midwich school. Most of the design/inspiration came from Silent Hill 1 for this location. The posters on the wall are covers of two Silent Hill comics, which are equally as creepy as the games. Heather's location is Alchemilla Hospital. Her location is based off of the other world that is found in Silent Hill 3.

Most of the tiling textures and character textures are 128x128. The unique textures are 64x64 each. While other artists were mixing styles with games, I really wanted to keep the style similar to the pixelated Silent Hill 1. I kept the colors similar to the series with low saturation and lower contrast (the games are high contrast due to the strong usage of light, but the textures themselves seem to be toned down). Even though there is always room for improvement, I was happy with how my final piece looked. Voting will begin soon on Polycount's website. Good luck to all the fantastic entries!

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