Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rendering a HighRes Screenshot in UDK

As with anything, there are several different ways to create a high res screenshot of work done in UDK. This is useful for getting a larger, better quality image to place in portfolios or for marketing purposes. The following way creates the best image for me (keeping in bloom and light shafts) while having the ability to enlarge the image for your needs.

Set up a Shortcut to the Desktop
  • Go to the folder containing the UDK game exe (C:\UDK\Custom\Binaries\UDKLift.exe)
  • Right click and send to the desktop as a shortcut
Edit the Properties for Quality
  • Right click the shortcut that was created and select properties. The text for "target" is highlighted and is the text that will be edited. (Ref at bottom of post)
  • This is the format that should be pasted into the target
    • UDK.exe YourLevelName -MAXQUALITYMODE -NOTEXTURESTREAMING -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080
  • Example of mine: C:\UDK\Custom\Binaries\UDKLift.exe living_quarters_01.udk -MAXQUALITYMODE -NOTEXTURESTREAMING -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080
Taking the Screenshot
  • Run the shortcut that was just created. The level should open at the resolution chosen above.
  • Press Tab and type "Tiledshot"
    • Use "Tiledshot 2" or "Tiledshot 3" for larger captures
  • The screenshot should be saved in UDK/Custom/UDKGame/Screenshots/Win64
  • Just open and resize in Photoshop!

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