Friday, March 22, 2013

Update and LVL26

Lots has happened in the last couple months. Hence the slow updates :P First is that while I had a great time working with the Left 4 Winchester team, I really wanted to get back into UDK. Also I was one of the only artist that was active on the project. Part of the reason why I have decided to work on cool projects after work is to learn and collaborate with with other artists. Therefore it was logical for me to find a new project that fulfilled what I wanted to do with my free time.

This eventually led me to start contributing to LVL26 by LighthammerFX. I'm taking on the role as environment artist and working with the lead artist, Jordan Cain, on assets. So far I have created a couple of floor tiles to be used in the first alpha.

I think these are a good start. I definitely improved the modularity of the second panel (grate) over the first. It adheres better to the grid in UDK, and the texture can be used for other assets. I'm hoping to push myself further in the next ones with their modularity. The texture is all hand painted other than the fine scratches. It was a great exercise in getting faster at creating these details by hand. Perhaps for the next floor tile I'll create a post about my process for painting textures.

Also went through a lot of job applications and even did an art test between these projects. Hopefully I'll hear something back :P In the mean time, I'll be posting more work from LVL26 in the near future so keep an eye out!

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