Sunday, October 7, 2012

From Tumblr to Blogger

So here I am. It's been a year of using Tumblr and had no issues. So why am I changing? Well several things have happened. First and foremost, Google released Google +. On top of that, they began revamping all their services. So in the year that I have been using Tumblr, Google has been evolving and changing their services for the better, while Tumblr is more or less the same. So I'm making the choice to follow Google into the blogging future.

Also, transferring my blog from Tumblr back onto Google become a headache onto itself. Luckily I'll describe what I did so it's painless for other people.
  1. Export your tumblr blog into an XML file (Tumblr2Wordpress)
    1. Make sure to select "Self-hosting"
  2. Take the XML file that was downloaded to your computer and convert it using Wordpress2Blogger
  3. Now go into Blogger/Settings/Import Blog
  4. Import the converted XML file

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