Monday, October 17, 2011

Vangough Music Video

   Hello all out there! I'm sort of posting things in reverse, but that's because newer projects are finishing faster than older projects. This is a video by Vangough that I worked on around February with director Gabe Miller. Since their new album was being released in the fall, the video was delayed to coincide with the release to better promote the band. During the shoot, I was simply a helping hand on set. I worked the crane for a few shots and helped haul equipment to and from locations. I did not help out as much as I wanted to on set, mostly due to the fact that in a lot of the shots, I was the fourth rabbit (not all the band member's schedule happened to line up).

   It was a fun shoot, and I think it only took 2 days to complete. I believe this was the first video I worked on that I did not do set photography. It just goes to show you that everyone starts from somewhere. Without helping out on these smaller sets, I would not have been able to be director of photography on later projects. Nothing is ever handed to you. Start small and work on up by being easy to work with, ambitious, and willing to absorb all the info you can. I hope to take these lessons that I learned from film sets and apply them to all things game development. Look forward to more posts on what I am working on!

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