Friday, October 7, 2011

Ninja Gaiden Series Teaser #2

   Hello all! I've been so busy, so I'll be making quick updates in the next few days. First off that at the end of summer, I've decided that I needed to narrow down the focus of my projects strictly to game development. So there should be more of that and less videos in the next coming weeks. I've made a lot of progress already and will share my ideas soon.

   The Ninja Gaiden short film has now turned into a three part Youtube series! While I'm officially done with the project, there are still a few more weekends of shooting to gather the final shots. It is already looking amazing, and I hope that the first episode is out soon! If you think this will be an awesome series, please share! We put a lot of hard work in over a very hot and grueling summer. In the end, we will have an awesome series that really captures the Ninja Gaiden feel.

   The only reason this teaser would not pump you up for the project is because there is a ninja behind you that has killed you, and you did not even realize it.

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