Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ninja Gaiden Fan Film Teaser

   Hello all! I have almost finished doing a ton of video work over the summer. One project is still pretty much under wraps until it's finished or a trailer is released. So before I can talk about that one, take a look at this fan film that director Gabe Miller and I have been shooting.

   We planned for the end result to be a live-action trailer about the story from the original game Ninja Gaiden. While filming the necessary scenes and fights, Gabe decided early on to go ahead and film those scenes in their entirety. So the expected end result now is to have a short film that we may release onto the masses if the actual trailer gains some popularity.

   We have one more day of shooting with a few pick-up shots needed. After that, all the hard work is left to Gabe to create the visual effects, edit, color grade, and release it! I'm excited about the short, and I'm not just saying that because I shot 90% of the video :) I think it looks great and captures the feel of Ninja Gaiden!

   Hopefully fans of the original game will appreciate our hard work (shot mostly in 100+ degree heat!). Once the trailer is finished, I will post it here! Thanks for checking it out!

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