Thursday, August 11, 2011

Head Shots

   So since I've been working in local film projects in the last couple years, I took it upon myself to go outside my norm and try something new. I wasn't exactly comfortable with taking portraits/head shots for people to use, but I'm glad I did it.

   I really prefer environments or capturing those objects that people never paid attention to. Actually dealing with people head on is a situation I usually don't find myself. I knew it was going to be challenging, but I cannot turn my back on an opportunity to grow as an individual. The most difficult part was giving people instruction. I'm not used to guiding my subject into the proper position for the photo. Partly is because of my distaste of posed photographs. I prefer a natural situation that lends itself to a little moment caught in an image. I think I did well for my first crop of head shots. These were some of the best in the series and hopefully bring in some work from local actors.

   I'm charging relatively cheap at $65 to not scare away students from this opportunity. Most professionals charge nearly $300 or more! At that range, most of the inexperienced actors do not get proper head shots, perhaps even costing them the role in a film. Since I'm fairly new to this side gig, I want to be fair but professional to all.

   Even though these first sessions were a completely new experience to me, I definitely see the value of posed photography. To be able to bring out a look or emotion through direction is a skill. I no longer look down at posed photographs, but I still do not prefer it. Despite this, I do want to get better and more comfortable with portraits and interacting with the subjects themselves. It was a great experience. I feel more comfortable with portraiture than I ever have and look forward to my next session!

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