Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Ninja Pain Train

   So recently I have been trying my hand at more director of photography roles. This is the first official video where I am the guy behind the film camera. I helped to establish shots, angles, and some of the action. While this project was a fun shoot for an afternoon, it was all test footage for an upcoming project (involving Gabe, myself, and ninjas).

   Director of photography is a fun role for me. Whenever someone describes an event or situation to me, I automatically envision the story in my head as a film. This comes in handy when reading novels also :D So the film that play out in my head is ultimately the film that I shoot. While the editing may change what I had in my head, it is up to the director to bring out his vision. On a similar note, it is up to me to not only inject my style into the filming, but to adhere to what the director wants to create. It's a very collaborative process.

   We actually shot this a few weeks ago in preparation of the short that we are currently filming. I was also 1st cameraman on another short film that was shot a couple weeks ago. Once these projects are edited and fed to the masses, I will post my thoughts on those here. For now, enjoy this fun video and leave any comments below!

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