Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recursion Game

   Towards beginning of the semester, my friend and then coworker Andrew approached me to create art for his masters thesis. His thesis was going to be presented in a game format that centered around the theme of recursion (a mathematics technique, thus used in programming).

   He went on to describe this as a 2D "side-scrolling" game. The environment was to be predominantly mayan ruins, while the character was to be an exploring robot. The character was to navigate through the ruins based on open paths eventually leading to the treasure. The gameplay was suppose to mimic the process of recursion. I went to work on creating the mayan background using mostly hand painting techniques. I believe there was only one image of a rock texture that I used to break up the surface and add some random noise.

   Even though I have yet to see the finalized version of the game, it was a fun, little side project for me. It gave me practice building an environment without much use of found textures. You can check out the finished environments below with the robot and treasure. (The interior of the temple was built in pieces so they could be assembled into differentiating paths).

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