Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Orleans and Nikon

   So I know that I have been gone... well I've been here but quite busy! So I'm going to try to post updates as soon as I can. Also these posts will be in order, but perhaps a couple months old XD. I'm hoping to make the posts smaller and less complex in order to convince myself that I need to get in gear and write more often.  So here we go!

   So after I received my new Nikon D7000, I had a couple weeks to get familiar with the camera before I visited New Orleans for five days. New Orleans is an amazing city and has been different from any other city that I have visited! It ceases to amaze me how much of the world I need to see while I still can. I truly wish the photos I took of New Orleans could express my thoughts and emotions about this city bursting with culture and atmosphere. Perhaps that's why I still need to grow as a photographer and artist. I really want to capture my thoughts in artistic expression and disperse them from my being.

   Even though I went during Mardi Gras, I still feel like I had a firm grasp on what the city has to offer. I only saw it peeking out through the parades, laughter, and debauchery, but I knew that it was so full of life that it could not contain itself from my eyes. The people were extremely friendly (even to tourists!) and the food was equally as pleasing. I do plan on returning sometime in the near future to embrace more of what New Orleans has to offer.

   So I brought along my new Nikon D7000 to better understand the camera before the wedding I had to shoot. The camera performed exceptionally well! Unfortunately Nikon itself is still a new beast to me, therefore the photos are not quite up to snuff to my standards. Despite this, some of the more impressive feats of the camera involved its wide dynamic range. I was able to capture highlight and shadow detail unlike before. This truly brings out the textures that surround the city and people.

   The Nikon D7000 has quick focusing and quite shutter clicks. It's well made, and feels solid in my hands. So far I'm thoroughly pleased with my decision to switch to Nikon. While this small sample from New Orleans doesn't show how much I've grown in the past two months with the camera, I can say that it can produce stunning results. I don't know if I should even give the camera that much credit. Perhaps it is my own growth with photography but my photos have definitely raised a bar that I intend to keep raising.

   My next posts will be extremely photo/video heavy, but I promise that I want to grow equally as much as an artist in the video game industry. I believe that I can better spread out my projects so that I can work on my 3D modeling at home. After all, improving one artistic skill/ability really helps the overall talent of that person.

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