Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Still Here!

   Ok, I have been a little slow with the updates lately, but I've been busy! Here is a quick run down of all that has gone on in the past month. This will also serve as an overview for the next couple of posts. Well first off the Dodge Challenger calendar was finished, printed, and handed to me. I'll post photos of it next time! After that, I received my new Nikon D7000... more on that later :) I visited New Orleans for a week. Again more on that later.... See the trend? :) I did game art for a friend on his thesis project. I then worked on the set for Home Creations and took set photography.

   I'll condense my next post down into a more detailed update on some past projects I finished up. The Home Creations set photography will probably be it's own post. I should have time this week to make the appropriate posts :) Again I apologize for being a bit late in my updates! More to come soon!

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