Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nikon D7000 Vs. Canon 60D

   As the title suggests, these are the two cameras that have caught my eye. Roughly the same price, with similar features. So if I had a Canon before, why not just buy another Canon and be done with it? Well there are some things about the 60D that I did not like, and there are very tempting features of the D7000 that caused my thoughts to stray into Nikon territory.

   Well the first reason why I started looking into the Nikon was that I was starting from fresh. A blank slate if you will. I sold my Canon 30D along with everything I had with it. Why would I do such a thing? Well first of all, I did not have any lenses other than the kit (I borrowed all the cool lenses from freinds). None of the cameras that I was looking at purchasing used the same batteries or even the same memory cards! So whether I bought a Canon or a Nikon, I would be starting from scratch. This created options for me when deciding upon a brand new camera.

   The second reason why Nikon became more tempting was the direction Canon decided to take with the XXD series of cameras. My 30D (and 40D and 50D) was considered a prosumer model consisting of features found on the pro models. With the 60D, Canon decided to switch gears and make the XXD a prosumer model with more advanced features from the Rebel line. So instead of making an inexpensive pro model, they made an expensive consumer model. Canon created a Super-Rebel.
   I do not like the feel of the Rebels. Their smaller, plastic bodies produce no good feelings in my hands. Unfortunately the 60D inherited these smaller, plastic bodies. I love the feel of the more pro models such as the 7D and 5DII. This is why I enjoyed my 30D and it's all metal body for so long. Fortunately for Canon, they did add new features into the 60D that continued to hold my interest. They extended the movie shooting capabilities, added an articulating screen, and tightened up the functionality of what the T2i was able do. So even though the change in the XXD series was disappointing to me, it still held sway.

   The final reason why Nikon caught my eye was the newly created D7000 series. They created a new line that took the many features of the D300 and D700 and produced an inexpensive pro model. This was very similar to why the XXD series in Canon was created. Some of the features that hit me over the 60D is the new 39 point auto-focusing system, more advanced metering options, 100% viewfinder coverage, dual SD card slots, and weather-sealed metal body. With all these features tugging at the photographer in me, Nikon could not help but sparkle just a little bit brighter than Canon.

   In the end, these are two very good cameras. I would be very happy with either one. If the major emphasis of purchasing a new camera was to shoot video, the Canon would be a no brainer. With the advanced video options and articulating screen, it would have been the envy of other DSLR video shooters in the area :D Incidentally, I am more concerned with photography than I am with video. I feel like the Nikon did a fantastic job appealing to the photographer in me. So that is why two days ago I purchased the D7000, and I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. After about a week of use, I will make sure to update the ole' blog with my impressions. I'm not a fanboy in any sense of the word when discussing Canon or Nikon, and I hope that it did not come across as that. I just wanted to state my thought process as to why I chose one camera over another. It is not a purchase but an investment.
   So I will continue waiting.... anxiously.... excitedly.... for my new investment!

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  1. Wonderful review! Very helpful indeed. I am thinking of getting a new DSLR camera and I can't decide what to get between these two top rated cameras in the market, the Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D. Will definitely consider your review and I hope I won't regret my purchase! Thanks! ;)