Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monster Set Photography

   So I've been slacking a bit with posts, but I have much to discuss for upcoming news. This post will be dedicated to my time spent on the set of the short film Monster directed by Ezra Gentle. To quote Ezra, "[the film] is a story told from the perspective of a 9 year old girl, Bethaven. As the story unfolds, she discovers that her perceptions of her parents relationships was not the reality and that the bond of family is strong enough to overcome adversity we experience"

   I was contacted a few days before production to take photos during filming. With such a short notice, I unfortunately could not make the first day of shooting, yet the second day was filled with talented people that made working on set pleasurable. It was an impressive feat to gather so many professionals together for a student project.

The set consisted of one location in Norman, OK. The film was shot with Vahid's Red One, who is owner of the company Freestyle Productions in Oklahoma City, OK. Overall, everyone was very professional. The talent was spread from the actors, to the audio guy, to camera crew, and even interns. I should also mention that it all came together with Ezra directing his vision. The bitching was kept to a minimum, and people made sure that tasks were finished. It was a great set to be on and gain experience from.

   Shooting photos was actually easy since most of the action took place in one room. Also my injured knee was very grateful to not have to run around set and dodge people/equipment. So far people have been impressed with my photos taken while on film sets. I'm gaining confidence in my photography and will soon be charging a reasonable fee for my services... especially after I upgrade my camera gear early next year. I'm hoping to gain enough money doing set photos to buy things like new lenses, sound blimps, filters, etc. that will give me more of an edge in this profession. I'm hoping to have my set photography pay for itself. Also by gaining experience and building up a nice portfolio, I'll begin applying to larger productions that are filming in Oklahoma. If anyone has any thoughts about my photos or set photography, feel free to comment below!

As a sneak peak, future posts will be about a calendar project that I'm taking photos for and a music video that I shot on a Canon T2i. More coming later in the week or early next week!

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