Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ghost Car!

So late in the fall (after Noodling), I decided to help out Gabe Miller who was developing a short web series titled "Ghost Car." We shot over two weekends. It started in late September and wrapped the first week in October. It was a great project, and I'm glad that Gabe decided to work on this short series then dive head first into a feature film that he was writing. A smaller, condensed project such as this allows one to gain more technical know-how without being overwhelmed by the stress of larger productions. I'm hoping to gear up a few small projects like this next year.

For the span of the shoot, I had several roles. I started off more like a PA, operating the boom and handling the gear. Soon that changed to script supervisor. I had to keep track of continuity, decide which scenes to cut, and condense multiple shots into one. I even got the opportunity to be in the film as an extra! I make a little cameo as a druggie in the disgusting mobile home. During the final day of the shoot, Gabe was getting ready for his acting part in the film, so I was basically assistant director. I helped speed through the scene and compose some of the shots. That is probably my favorite part of assisting with films. I guess the technical term would be cinematographer. When someone tells me the action of a scene, I'm already assembling the shot in the form of a film in my head. It is sort of the same when I'm reading a book. As I absorb the story that is written, I'm switching shots and panning in and out of the action. This is going on in my head even if the book makes no indication that the point of view has changed at all.

I hope to get more work behind the camera in upcoming productions. I want to practice and see my work on the screen. If I cannot get any practice as a cinematographer, then I'll have to wait until early next year when I upgrade my camera. Maybe I'll start thinking of small productions that I could create and assemble a crew. Who knows!

Gabe is going to be working on post-production during the month of October. I'll probably post the new trailer once it is finished and provide an update on the project. Until then, enjoy the current trailer!

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