Friday, September 17, 2010

New Blog...Same Story

Ok so now for a proper update. So as of late, my funds have been insufficient, and I've had to make some small sacrifices. One of those would be $80 a year for servers. Hence why my blog looks like it's a part of Blogger... because it is! So I've come to the realization that in the span of one month, you should not pay for a trip to New York, rent for two apartments, and dental procedures. After this month is over, I should be on the up and out.

Since blogger is simpler to maintain (for someone who's not a programmer), I should be making more updates. I'm going to shoot for once a week. These first few posts are basically going to be "catch me ups" on what I have been doing since New York (early July) and on. Expect lots of photos, behind the scenes info, future projects, and current ideas to be expressed.

I'm expecting this relationship with Blogger/Google to be a win/win situation. Please be patient if the blog does not work correctly, or if I'm constantly changing the theme/style until I find something more permanent. Right now, I'm just hoping that people just have to put in the domain name that I bought. It appears to be finicky, but that just may take GoDaddy some time to adjust their DNS settings. So other than that, I look forward to posting more and showing what I have been working on lately. Ciao!

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