Thursday, September 23, 2010

Focusing as a Part of Post

So I just saw this interesting presentation about a system and lens that allows the user to gather an image with a multitude of focal data. The original story can be found at PetaPixel. After capturing the "image," the user can then affect the focal point once the data is gathered into the computer.

There are pros and cons to this. This would be great for those times when a subject is caught in the perfect pose, but just slightly out of focus. Being able to snap the focus back to the appropriate subject would save many a photo that are almost perfect. There are many of my set photos that had to be taken quickly to ensure that I capture the moment, but I would then find out that the focus was slightly off due to the quickness that the photos needed to be taken.

The cons are that this could remove and element of photography that is vital to how I experience it. One of the favorite aspects of photography is the thrill of finally sitting at the computer and observing the images. I like to analyze what went right or wrong, and then apply those findings next time I go out with my camera. This is so I can build upon my successes and failures. Taking the chance of failure out of photography ruins it for me. It is about learning, adapting, and progressing forward.

Sure one could say the same for everything that the DSLR brought that the film SLR could not do. Despite how automatic the DSLR can become, I prefer to use it in mostly its manual mode. I'd really prefer for companies to think about adding options to the camera user at the moment of taking the photos and less about options when in post. Maybe I'm just being stubborn, lol.

In the end, I suppose it is the person behind the camera that really makes the difference. Either way, this presentation helped inspire my mind about what photography means to me.

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